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John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

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Are you looking for a great way to get started with affiliate marketing?

The John Thornhill Ambassador Program could be the answer you’ve been searching for!

John Thornhill is one of the most respected figures in the world of digital marketing, and his Ambassador Program is just one of the ways he’s helping people to become successful affiliate marketers. With the program, you will be given access to all of his digital products, training materials, and other learning resources – all with one common goal in mind: to help you become the best affiliate marketer you can be.

The Ambassador Program offers you an option to promote ONE or TWO Sales Funnels, each with  Done for You email follow ups, lead magnets and traffic support. Your emails are automated and offer your potential customers around 50 different products from Clickbank.

All you have to do is to plug them into your Autoresponder, and as soon as someone opts in to your Lead Magnet, they get an automated email sequence which lasts a full year. Your prospects are kept “warm” as they repeatedly see emails from yourself, each one promoting different products, which are basically your affiliate products.

All you have to do is drive Traffic to your Lead Magnet.

By the way, this is provided as well…all you have to do is add your own links and then everything works like magic in the background.

Here is my Lead Magnet… all means sign up and you will see the emails flood in….YOU can be doing exactly the same!!

Please click the image to start.

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As you will see you will get emails initially inviting you to join the Webinar, which basically encourages people to join the Ambassador Program under your Affiliate Link.

See the Webinar below: I hope you will agree it is very tempting!!

What happens once you join?

You get everything set up for you via the extensive training.

You set up your Autoresponder ( Aweber suggested ) by automatically importing the emails fully loaded with your Tags/Links so you get paid.

There are 50 Campaigns in Total, each one with around 3 or 4 emails promoting a particular product.

Your leads are certainly kept warm and keep on seeing your emails.

You can set up your Lead Magnet ( optional ). This is advised if using Solo Ads to drive traffic as it gives the prospect some pre-information. If you send them directly to the webinar it may be a bit too much information to take in “cold “.

It is always best to warm up your prospects first.

Then it is time to drive traffic, either to your Lead Magnet or direct to the Webinar. Either way, you build up your email list and hopefully making sales via the Campaigns set up on the Autoresponder.

It may sound confusing, but really it is quite simple.

You are also given the opportunity to promote John’s Partnership to Success Program.



Here is the link to the webinar  ( why not check it out )

You can even recruit Joint Venture Partners to work with you to promote this product, and earn commissions whilst they recruit people!!

Truly an easy way to make passive income if you happen to know lots of people in the Affiliate Marketing Business.

How do you drive Traffic?

This is sorted as well, with lots of good advice about how to drive Organic Traffic:

John covers:

Facebook Free Traffic

Using Messenger Bots

Click here to see how a Bot works

Blogging with Content ( such as what you are reading now!! )

In fact as an Ambassador Member you can post a Blog Post onto John’s various sites reaching thousands of potential customers.

Paid Ads, such as Solo Ads

You can use as many methods as you like.

If you have the cash, you can use the selected Solo Ads vendors to guarantee clicks.

This is genuinely a business in a box for you…………as long as you can generate traffic using the advice given, there is really no way you can fail.

This is probably the easiest way to set yourself up as an Online Marketing expert with all previous obstacles sorted:


Lead Magnets to build up email list……..Yes

Autoresponders Emails set up to sell for you……Yes

Training to drive Traffic……Yes

The brilliant thing is ………….once set up it is virtually passive income and when you have your list built up, you can promote virtually anything like to your customers who know you and hopefully trust you.

Good Luck in your endeavours………hopefully you join me in the Ambassador Program.

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