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Michael Cheney’s Apprentice Program

This is another “Done for You” Business in a Box.

What makes this a bit different is that Michael Cheney is extremely well known in Internet Marketing Circles and the products you promote via the Email Sequences have his name and branding all over them. 

This encourages people to buy them more, and of course, you make the affiliate Commissions for every product ( 100% return )

In addition, many of the products you sell are from other less well known platforms such as Warrior Plus. Many such products cannot be sold by the average Affiliate Marketer, but as Michael Cheney’s Apprentice you get immediate access to sell the products.

This gives you a massive advantage over hundreds ( or thousands ) of other affiliate marketers.  

As mentioned before, this is an almost “Done for You” Business in a box, where the Email sequences are set  up….all you have to do is plug them in and drive traffic.

You also have a choice of Lead Magnets.

Click the link to see how mine works:

Once again, there is lots of advice as to how to drive traffic to your Lead Magnet, or straight to the Webinar:

How to drive Traffic?

As with the Ambassador Program, there is lots of Training and advice.

Organic Traffic strategies include using YouTube, Facebook and other methods.

One method is Michael’s own ATM Service:


I have not tried this myself yet, but does look tempting.


This is a very simple and easy to set up Business, with an extremely reputable Online Marketer holding your hand and leading you towards success.

It is quite expensive, but definitely excellent value if you are serious about gaining an Online Business. 

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I almost forgot…….another benefit of being one of Michael’s Apprentices is that you get free cash as part of his ongoing traffic system. As a member your link is put on a rotator, which generates free traffic and cash for you: