The Rapid Profit Machine is the brainchild of another well respected Online Millionaire called James Neville Taylor.

Once again, this is another Business in a Box with Autoresponder emails set up for a variety of products, but that is the MAB Program, which I will discuss later.

The RPM promises people a free business with Free Training. However, let's be real is going to get rich for doing nothing and paying nothing.

Have a look at the Lead Magnet here....there are many choices ( and by all means join the Program)

A Free member may well get some leads (  as Traffic is driven by the system itself ) and indeed sales, and therefore make money. However, you will be very lucky if this happens, as the main sales and money is generated via your Autoresponder sequence. For this to occur, you will need an Autoresponder like Aweber and join the Builderall Program as an affiliaite. 

This does cost around $40 a month, but is well worth it, as you should generate more than enough sales to make up for this outlay. 

So, to clarify, If you join, you will automatically be added to my Autoresponder email sequence, where my emails will be encouraging you to sign up to Builderall and Aweber and also join the Pro Version of RPM. This is where the real money is.

However, that is not all.

You get a huge amount of Training as to how to drive Traffic  to your RPM affiliate link.

However, the main Money Maker is the MAB Program:       

Massive Affiliate Blueprint ( MAB ) System 

This is the best part of James' Program and once again is a Business in a Box, where a massive sequence of emails are set up for you to drive traffic to your Autoresponder sequence.

Everything is set up for just need to add the Tags and upload to your Autoresponder.

You get all the Training you need to set everything up and once again, passive income awaits once you learn how to drive the Traffic. Training is also provided in this regard.

In fact you drive traffic to the RPM system and then the prospects are encouraged via email to join the MAB system.

Why not have a look at the Webinar which tells you much more about the MAB System:

As part of the MAB system you get access to lots of support materials, such as Lead Magnets to drive traffic. I actually use many of these on my Blog, such as below: 


You get a large amount of these professional looking and informative reports, which you can use as Lead Magnets to build up your email list and then sell more products.


This is yet another Business in a Box, where everything is automagically done for you, with fantastic training and products.

Once again it is almost impossible to fail as long as you take action and complete the Training and drive Traffic.

As with all of these programs, they do work but you also have to work at it, especially setting everything up and then driving traffic.

If you want to join up and do nothing, then please save your cash, because it will only work for you f you put in the effort...but everything is here to drive you towards success online.

Good Luck and hope to see you inside.