As the internet continues to grow as a platform for business and commerce, more people are finding ways to generate income online.

This Article intends to help people to develop their online business with regard to Referral Marketing tips for Beginners. One method that is accessible to almost anyone with an internet connection is referral marketing. Referral marketing allows you to earn money by promoting products and services to others through your social networks, websites, email lists, and more. By referring new customers to companies, you can earn commissions and bonuses. For those new to referral marketing, here are some tips to get started and maximise your earning potential. With time and consistent effort, referral marketing can become a reliable stream of extra income each month.

Referral Marketing tips for Beginners

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Introduction to Earning Money Online via Referral Marketing

Referral marketing basics

Referral marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, is an effective way to generate income online. It involves promoting products or services through referrals, recommendations and personal sharing. As a beginner, the key is to find the right companies and products to promote. Look for established brands with a solid reputation, competitive commission rates, and products that genuinely help people.

Once you’ve found good partners, share their offers with your network through social media, email, and your website or blog. Provide useful information and honest opinions about the products to build trust. As your referrals make purchases, you earn a percentage of the sale. Over time, this can become a reliable source of income with little additional effort required.

Some tips to get started:

  • Focus on high-quality, reputable brands that offer at least 5-10% commission.
  • Share authentically by only promoting products you genuinely like and use.
  • Provide useful information and personal reviews to establish yourself as a trusted source.
  • Leverage social media, email newsletters, and your website to spread the word.
  • Track your links and commissions to see what’s working and make improvements.

With consistent effort, referral marketing can become a simple yet lucrative way to generate income online. By promoting high-quality products you believe in and providing real value to your followers, you’ll build a reputation as a trusted influencer and earn solid commissions over the long run.

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Choosing the Right Referral Programmes to Promote

Choosing the Right Referral Programmes to Promote

To succeed at referral marketing in 2023-24, you must choose programmes that resonate with your audience and provide real value. Focus on:

• Products and services you genuinely use and recommend. Your audience will see through disingenuous promotions, so only recommend brands you trust.

• High-commission programmes. Look for those offering 10-30% commissions per referral to make the time investment worthwhile. Some top programmes for 2023 include:

› Website builders (e.g. Wix, Squarespace)

› Web hosting (e.g. Bluehost, HostGator)

› Travel booking (e.g.,

Online courses (e.g. Udemy, Coursera)

• Easy sign-up processes. Avoid referral programmes with complicated tracking links or signup forms. Your audience should be able to join with a simple click.

• Recurring commissions. Choose programmes that pay commissions on future purchases, not just the initial sale. Look for those paying lifetime commissions of 10-15% on all future transactions.

• Responsible brands. Promote eco-friendly, socially responsible brands that treat customers, employees and the environment with fairness, compassion and respect. Your audience will appreciate recommendations aligned with their values.

With the right combination of high value, user-friendly referral programmes promoting responsible brands, you’ll be poised for success in referral marketing. Keep your audience’s needs and values in mind, focus on providing real value, and you’ll build trust in your recommendations.

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One of the best ways to earn money via referral marketing is by getting creative with how you share your referral links. Here are a few innovative strategies to try:

Social Media

Promote your referral links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share photos of the product or service, write a post about your experience using it, and include your referral link. You can also join relevant Facebook groups and online communities to share your link there. Make sure your social media profiles allow you to include clickable links.

Blog Posts

If you have your own blog or website, write a post reviewing the product or service and include your referral link. Explain how it benefits you and why you recommend it to others. Blog posts are a great way to drive referral traffic because people who read your review may click your link to try the product themselves.

###Email Marketing

Send an email to your contacts telling them about the referral programme. Explain what they will get by signing up under your link. Include your referral link prominently in the email content as well as in your email signature. Personalise the email by addressing each contact by name to increase the chance of them clicking your link. Offer an additional incentive, if possible, to motivate them to participate.

QR Codes

Create a QR code that links directly to your referral link. Print the code on business cards to hand out, add it to marketing materials, or share an image of the QR code on social media and in emails. When people scan the code with their smartphone camera, it will take them to your referral link to sign up. QR codes are an innovative way to drive more referral traffic and earnings.

With some creativity, you can find endless ways to share your referral links and earn more money through your marketing efforts. Keep experimenting with different strategies to determine what works best for your particular programme and audience. Referral marketing success depends on actively and consistently promoting your links through various online and offline channels.

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Tracking and Optimising Your Referral Efforts

Tracking and Optimising Your Referral Efforts

To determine how well your referral programme is performing, you need to track key metrics and make optimisations based on the data. Some of the key factors to monitor include:

The number of referrals generated. This shows how many new customers came through the programme. Compare month to month and year over year to see trends.

Conversion rate. Calculate the percentage of referrals that actually made a purchase. If the rate is low, you may need to improve the referral offer or do a better job of targeting the right potential referrers.

Revenue generated. Track how much money referral customers are spending. This helps determine the overall ROI of the programme.

Top referrers. See who is generating the most referrals and reach out to thank them. You may want to provide them with additional incentives or rewards for their advocacy.

Referral source. Determine where most referrals are coming from, e.g. social media, email, word-of-mouth. Then you can focus your efforts on the most effective channels.

Customer experience. Survey new referral customers about their experience. Look for any issues that could be improved to increase referral conversion rates and revenue.

Referral codes. If you provide unique codes for referrals, see which ones are the most used. You may want to promote those offers more prominently. Codes that are rarely used should be reviewed and optimised.

Social buzz. Use social listening tools to track mentions of your referral programme on social networks. Engage with people talking about the programme and address any questions or concerns.

Based on the data, you can make ongoing improvements to your referral marketing efforts. Try different offers, target different customer groups, focus on the most effective channels, improve the customer experience and so on. Regular optimisation and testing will lead to the best results from your referral programme.

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Top Referral Programmes to Try in 2023-2024

To generate passive income through referral marketing, consider promoting some of the top referral programmes. These programmes offer generous commissions and have proven track records of success.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular rewards and cash-back sites. They offer a variety of ways to earn points, called “Swag Bucks”, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Their referral programme pays out 10% of all the points earned by those you refer.


InboxDollars offers cash for completing surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and more. For each new member you refer who signs up and earns $5, you receive a $5 bonus. Payments are made via cheque or direct deposit.


MyPoints, another long-standing rewards site, gives you $10 for each new member you refer who completes their first qualifying activity like a survey, offer, or shopping trip. You and your referrals can then redeem points for gift cards, travel miles, and cash.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie focuses specifically on providing cash and rewards for sharing your opinion via online surveys. For each new member you refer who completes a $5 survey, you earn $3. Payments are made via PayPal or gift cards.


The Influencer app allows you to earn cash back for sharing photos of products and places you love on social media. For each new member you refer who links a social account and earns $5, you receive a $5 bonus. Payments are issued through PayPal.

Promoting generous referral programmes with proven success can generate passive income. By referring engaged members to reputable reward and cash-back sites, you stand to earn recurring commissions and bonuses over time with little additional effort required. Choose programmes that match your interests and values to keep the process authentic and rewarding.

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In summary, referral marketing can be a great way to earn money via the internet if you choose the right platforms, create a strong referral programme, promote your links effectively, and provide the best experience for your referrals. With time and consistent effort, you can build up a base of loyal referrals and a steady income stream. The key is to start now, choose a niche you’re passionate about, and get your referral links in front of people who will appreciate the value. If you provide real value, your referrals and income will grow over time through the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

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