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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other companies’ products and services and earn a commission for any resulting sales. As an affiliate, you get paid for referring customers to a business.

It works like this:

  1. You sign up to become an affiliate for a company that sells products or services you’re interested in. This is usually free to do.
  2. The company gives you a special affiliate link or coupon code to share.
  3. You promote the company’s offers on your website, email list, social media, or elsewhere. For work-from-home dads, promoting useful digital products (like online courses) to your audience is a great option.
  4. When someone clicks your link or uses your code and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale as commission. This can range from 5-75% or more of the purchase price.

The key is to find reputable companies in a niche you know well so you can recommend genuinely helpful products to your readers or followers. Do some research to find the best commission rates and affiliate programmes for beginners.

Many work-from-home dads are using affiliate marketing to earn extra money for their families in a flexible, location-independent way. While it does take work to build up, it can provide recurring passive income over time. The more you promote, the more you can make.

If you choose wisely and provide real value to your audience through recommendations for useful products and services, affiliate marketing is an easy way for newbies to get started with making money online. Give it a try!

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing: Tips for Newbies

So you want to get started with affiliate marketing but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help newbies find their footing:

Choose a niche

The first step is finding a niche you’re passionate about. It could be tech gadgets, fitness, makeup or gaming – the options are endless. Select a niche you understand well so you can recommend the best products and services to your audience.

Build your website

You’ll need a website to promote affiliate products. Use a free blogging platform like WordPress to create a simple site. Focus on useful content like product reviews, how-tos and buying guides. Keep your content fresh by posting regularly.

Choose affiliate programmes

Once you’ve selected a niche, scout out affiliate programmes to promote. Many big brands like Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network and Awin offer affiliate programmes. Compare commission rates and products to find good matches for your site.

Seamlessly promote affiliate links in your content. For example, if you’re writing about the latest laptops, include affiliate links to recommended models. Place links in context, not just randomly dropped in. Make it natural and helpful.

Engage your audience

Build an email list to stay in touch with readers. Offer useful content and special offers to keep them engaged. Stay active in your niche’s community by commenting on other sites and engaging on social media. Loyal readers will become customers.

With time and consistency, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business. Focus on providing value to readers, choose products you genuinely recommend, and keep learning ways to improve your site and increase conversions. The key is simply getting started!

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Promoting Digital Products as an Affiliate Marketer

Promoting digital products as an affiliate is one of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing. As a work-from-home dad, you likely have limited time, so focusing on products that sell themselves and need little maintenance is ideal.

Find Relevant Products

Look for useful tools, online courses, ebooks, and software in a niche you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Some options include productivity tools, online learning platforms, business tools, and software. Find products with competitive affiliate commissions, around 30-50% or more of the sale price.

Build Your Audience

Start engaging with your target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Share useful tips, insights and curated content to build know-like-trust. Promote your affiliate products organically by mentioning how they’ve helped you.

Create Content

Write blog posts, record video reviews or start a podcast discussing how these digital tools and resources have helped you in your work-from-home role as a dad. Share the affiliate links and discount codes in your content. This content will continue promoting the product even when you’re not active online.

Offer Discounts & Bonuses

Work with the product vendors to obtain special discount codes and promotional offers for your audience. You can also create lead magnets, like free cheat sheets or resource guides, to give away in exchange for signing up to your email list. Offer these bonuses when people purchase through your affiliate link.

Stay Engaged

Continue being an active member in communities and groups your target audience frequents. Answer questions, provide recommendations and share more content. Look for opportunities to promote your affiliate products by highlighting their benefits and value. Satisfied customers will become your best promoters through word-of-mouth marketing.

With consistency and time, promoting digital products and tools as an affiliate can become a profitable stream of extra income for work-from-home dads. The key is finding the right products, building an audience, and providing value to keep people engaged. Staying active in relevant communities and offering incentives along the way will boost your success.

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Top Affiliate Programmes for Selling Digiproducts

Once you’ve chosen a niche and digiproduct to promote as an affiliate, it’s time to find the right affiliate programmes and networks to join. The top ones for selling digital products include:


One of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks, Clickbank focuses specifically on digital products like ebooks, online courses, and software. They have a huge range of products in many niches. The commissions are generous, up to 75% per sale. They make it easy to find products to promote and provide useful tools to help you become a successful affiliate.


Another major network for digital products with a wide selection of ebooks, video courses, software, and more. JVZoo has a lot of high-ticket products that pay large commissions, up to 90% on some sales. They have a simple signup process and fast commission payouts. JVZoo affiliates also get access to promotional materials and discounts to help boost sales.


A popular affiliate network for online courses, training programmes, and software in internet marketing and business niches. WarriorPlus has generous commissions, up to 50% per sale. They provide useful affiliate resources like promotional content, banners, email swipes, and more. WarriorPlus makes affiliate marketing accessible for beginners with their simple interface and helpful community.


Udemy is a huge online course marketplace where instructors offer video courses teaching all kinds of useful skills. As an Udemy affiliate, you earn a 30% commission for sales of any courses on their platform. Udemy has over 150,000 courses, so there are lots of options to choose from. They provide promotional materials and course discounts to share with your audience. Udemy is a reputable company and pays affiliates reliably and on-time.

The key is to choose 1-2 affiliate networks to focus on, browse their product selection to find great offers in your niche, and get your promo links in front of potential customers. With the right approach, affiliate marketing digiproducts can become a rewarding source of income.

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Earning Extra Income Through Affiliate Marketing for Work From Home Dads

As a work from home dad, earning extra income through affiliate marketing can be a great way to supplement your earnings without a huge time commitment. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other companies’ products and services and earn a commission for any sales you drive. Many dads are turning to promoting digital products, also known as “digiproducts.”

Why digiproducts?

Digiproducts, like ebooks, online courses, software, and templates are easy to sell because they can be delivered instantly upon purchase. As an affiliate, you earn a percentage of each sale you generate, often 30-50% of the product price. Some programmes even offer higher commissions for high-volume sellers.

The key is to find a digiproduct in an area you’re interested in and know well. You could promote things like:

  • Online courses teaching skills you have like coding, design, or marketing
  • Ebooks on hobbies you enjoy such as woodworking, gaming, or learning a new language
  • Software tools for productivity, finance management or running an online business

How to get started

  1. Browse affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo or WarriorPlus and find some digiproducts you connect with. Many will let you sign up for free to become an affiliate.
  2. Share your affiliate links on platforms where your target audience hangs out. For dads, this could be Facebook groups, Reddit communities, or forums dedicated to work from home jobs or your particular niche.
  3. Build an email list by starting a blog, YouTube channel or podcast in your niche. Share useful tips and recommendations, sprinkling in affiliate links and promotions. Even a small, targeted list can drive sales.
  4. Provide honest reviews and recommendations for the products you choose to promote. Your followers will appreciate your transparency and be more inclined to buy through your link.
  5. Track your affiliate links and see which ones are generating the most sales. Then double down on promoting those offers to maximise your commissions over time.

With some time and consistency, affiliate marketing digiproducts can become a reliable source of extra income for work from home dads. And the best part is, you get to do it on your own schedule.

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